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Welcome to Cleancarecommercial

Welcome to Cleancarecommercial

Welcome to Cleancare Commercial’s brand new website.

Cleancare is a well established industrial cleaning company with over 15 years experience within this business sector. We have cleaned for numerous large companies including the Co-Operative group.

We are currently carrying out several monthly warehouse deep cleans for a leading food supplier.

Recently we carried out a deep clean on a freezer cold store. The roof of the coldstore had cause for concern as there was a build up of ice and snow on the ceiling and inside the freezer coolers. The freezer coolers were not operating correctly due to the drains being blocked causing the belly pan of the cooler to over flow with water when they were set to defrost; which in turn led to overflowing water onto the floor of the freezer resulting in a major health and safety concern.

As you can appreciate, it is very difficult to clean a freezer but our cleaning process removed all the ice and snow from the walls and ceilings. We also managed to deep clean all freezer coolers removing ice, sludge and foreign shrink wrap leaving the belly and and drains clear and free flowing.


Freezer Evaporator

Defrosted freezer cooler


Carrying out walls and ceiling deep cleans in chilled warehouses is no problem for us. We recently carried out our monthly clean in a chilled distribution depot based in Tamworth. The client required the walls and ceilings to be cleaned to a very high standard which we achieved with ease. All the walls and ceilings were cleaned at height using a scissor lift. All our staff are Ipaf trained enabling us to operate the specialist equipment required.


If anyone requires industrial cleaning services we are a nationwide company and are here to help!

Keep an eye out for Cleancare as more blogs will follow.


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